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HightechPosted by May 09, 2014 13:21

A new app lets people know how many individuals in their immediate area may be sick.

Sickweather culls its information from public Facebook statuses as well as tweets in which people complain about being sick.

It then provides users with a map that can be categorized by type of illness, which include respiratory, gastrointestinal, environmental, and childhood sicknesses, etc...

Visit the website, HERE

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Nivea created a bracelet to locate your children on the beach

KidsPosted by May 09, 2014 13:12

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Nike Football

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by May 01, 2014 19:09

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WeChat sends Zuckerberg to the therapist

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by May 01, 2014 19:04
WeChat, the Whatsapp competitor, just released two hilarious spots. The first film shows Mark Zuckerberg depressed: he confesses to his therapist that he has fewer friends since he created Facebook. His therapist suggests he downloads WeChat. WeChat allows its users to geolocalise friends and create more links ... In the second spot, Facebook's lawyers ask the therapist not to bother their client anymore.

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Carlsberg - Border Football

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by May 01, 2014 18:39

In these times of football fever, Carlsberg uses the magic of football to bring people closer. For once, people from both sides of the borders in Belfast, Nicosia and Kosovo, could enjoy the togetherness only beer and football can create.

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Discover the all new AXE

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by May 01, 2014 18:34

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Nissan - Self-cleaning car

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by Apr 25, 2014 18:36

Japanese giant Nissan has developed the world’s first self-cleaning car which it predicts will make car-washing obsolete.

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Oasis - L'effet Papayon

Marketing, Com & MediasPosted by Apr 25, 2014 14:21

Oasis has created a series of 4 episodes where fruits live very original adventures.
Oasis will release one episode per month to keep fans in suspense.

Oasis also parodies the youporn site with the website,

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