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HightechPosted by May 09, 2014 13:21

A new app lets people know how many individuals in their immediate area may be sick.

Sickweather culls its information from public Facebook statuses as well as tweets in which people complain about being sick.

It then provides users with a map that can be categorized by type of illness, which include respiratory, gastrointestinal, environmental, and childhood sicknesses, etc...

Visit the website, HERE

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Pyro Board

HightechPosted by Apr 22, 2014 10:21

Look what Happens When Music Meets Fire In A 2D Rubens’ Tube... It's amazing !

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HightechPosted by Sep 13, 2013 08:19
Raise your voice :

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Scary elevator

HightechPosted by Oct 25, 2012 18:42

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Inside Space Shuttle

HightechPosted by Oct 04, 2012 18:44

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Creative Facebook timeline covers

HightechPosted by Apr 20, 2012 17:57
More creative covers here

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So cool !

HightechPosted by Feb 23, 2012 18:38

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Social media explained

HightechPosted by Feb 10, 2012 19:18

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